• Increased efficiency
  • Increased size
  • Reduced number of parts
    (mirrors, HCEs, steel parts, drives, swivel joints, control systems etc.)
  • Reduction of assembly and alignment costs
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increased lifetime
  • Continous torque tube - gapless collector
    • Center of gravity below mirror surface in the center of the torque tube
    • First gapless SCA (no mirror gap between individual SCEs)
      • Improved efficiency due to reduced heat losses
      • Better usage of HCEs
      • Less space consumption
    • This matter is patented by Flagsol GmbH & SBP
  • Assembly and mounting of mirrors: patented 3D-tolerance adjustment
    • The mirrors are placed on an accurate jig
      • Mirrors in a perfectly shaped parabola
    • SCE-frame is lowered on the jig
      • Anchor rods are surrounded by the hollow shape of the pods
      • Pods are filled with glue, while the mirrors stay in the ideal position
    • Improved optical efficiency due to perfectly shaped parabola
    • Less mirror breakage by tension free connection
  • New bearing concept
    • Support roller with maintenance free bearing
    • very low friction leads to low torsion and high performance
  • New cross over pipe design
    • No pylons (free access for maintenance equipment)
    • Less pressure losses in comparison with a horseshoe bend